Big money interests and lobbyists have far too much control over our political system.

People across Washington have voiced their support for I-1464 because they want to return power over the state’s government where it belongs — with Washington voters.

I-1464 reforms the campaign finance system to:

  • Require transparency in lobbying and campaigns by forcing political ads to include information about who is really paying for them.

  • Crack down on coordination between candidates and SuperPACs.

  • Bar lobbyists and public contractors from making big contributions to candidates they are trying to influence.

  • Stop the revolving door of government officials taking jobs as lobbyists as they leave office.

  • Strengthen enforcement of ethics and campaign finance laws, and impose stiffer penalties for violating them.

  • Let you decide if you want to direct state funds to a candidate of your choice.

  • Give every voter across the state a stronger voice by making politicians focus on smaller donations from regular people instead of big donors and special interests.

Our political system is broken, but you can start fixing it. Let’s stand together for transparency, accountability, and limiting the influence of big money and lobbyists. Vote yes on I-1464 and take back control of your government.